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Body & Mind DaySpa in Karon

Khun Araya’s line of products based on the healing properties of
Thai jasmine rice and the elegant surroundings of Body and Mind DaySpa, provide the perfect way to experience the same therapeutic treatments
found at five star resorts but, at modest prices.


  Traditional Thai herbal healing treatments combined with therapies to soothe & nourishSpa packages & treatmentsA floral bath & healing properties of Jasmine rice, Thai herbs & oils
Swedish Massage
1 hr
Heaven on Earth
1 hr 30 min
Karon Sunset
2 hrs
Body & Mind Retreat
2 hrs 30 min
Secret Jasmine Rice
3 hrs

Body & Mind DaySpa
Tel: 0 7639 8274 Mobile: 0 1787 5659

Body & Mind DaySpa in Karon


Body & Mind DaySpa is the elegant recent addition to massage and healthy body therapies available within walking distance from Karon Beach. It has become the popular choice for visitors and residents who want to experience the same therapeutic treatments and luxurious surroundings found at five star resorts but at modest prices.

Araya Limpanudom is a Phuket native who decided to take traditional Thai herbal healing treatments and combine them with therapies she discovered in some of Thailand’s leading health resorts.

“We feature a full line of products based on the healing properties of Thai jasmine rice,” she explains. “When I was a child, I watched my grandmother use the water left after washing jasmine rice as a cleanser for her face. The older generation knew which herbs, oils and natural products were good for the skin and the entire body.”

Khun Araya has designed Body & Mind DaySpa using soft Asian materials in the spa’s interior design which comfort guests when they enter. Much of her furniture is made from local products, as the dried water hyacinth plants that have been fashioned into sofas and chairs.
Guests are given a choice of aromatherapy oils for use in the variety of massages offered at Body & Mind DaySpa. These aromatherapy oils are proven to help in the health and well being of massage therapy. A classic Thai traditional massage and a popular Royal foot massage are also available, again at a modest price.

Body & Mind DaySpa is perfect after a day at the beach when the skin is irritated from too much sun. The menu includes a Jasmine Rice Facial that begins with a purifying wash containing extract of pearl and aloe vera gel that tones and moisturizes the skin. An Age Reversing Serum is then applied containing ginseng, jojoba, grape seed and vitamin E.

Next, a replenishing rich moisturizer is smoothed on the face and an eye cream supplement is patted around the delicate eye area, again using a mixture of pearl and ginseng that reduces both wrinkles and dark rings.
Part of any holiday is an indulgence in personal health and pleasure. Body & Mind DaySpa has attractive special packages that are the perfect way to spend that part of the day when it is too hot to be directly in the sun or after a full day at the beach.

The Body and Mind Retreat package is 150 minutes that begins with a Thai Herbal Body Scrub of cumin and prai (a variety of Thai ginger) proven to remove unwanted dead skin cells and improve circulation. This is followed by the Natural Facial Treatment using the extracts from Thai jasmine rice and completed by a relaxing floral milky bath in one of the rooms with a sunken bath.

Body wraps are also a feature. One uses Thai White Mud that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to eliminate toxins leaving the body revitalized.

The other body wrap is a cool compress of cucumber and aloe vera gel that refreshes irritated and burnt skin.

“I also pay particular attention that Body & Mind DaySpa is kept spotlessly clean and hygienic as well as beautiful,” continues Khun Araya. “I want my guests to have a wonderful memory of our spa therapies to take home with them from their holiday.”

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