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Indulge your senses and experience a “Real Sense of the Orient”
in Kata Beach. An exotic array of pleasing and relaxing sights, sounds,
smells and pampering experiences awaits the guest at The Sense Spa.


  Natural honey cleanses & nourishes the skin
Green Tea Body Scrub
45 min
Sports Release Massage
1 hr
Sense of Asia
1 hr
2 hrs
After Sun
2 hrs 50 min
2 hrs 50 min

*Packages include steam bath
& herbal elixir

Tel: 0 7633 3014

“In designing The Sense Spa, I wanted to create a centre where ambience and an overall sense of wellbeing pervaded”, says Khun Nipon Wongviwatchai, the owner of The Sense Spa and the adjacent Kata Minta Resort in Kata Beach. The elegance of the Thai style boutique resort hotel, a reflection of Khun Nipon’s natural flair for design, is apparent in his new spa. Enjoy a treat for the senses!

Contemporary oriental is the flavour of this small, intimate day spa where an exotic array of sights, sounds, smells and – of course – pampering experiences await you. The Sense Spa experience begins with a walk through the Balinese-style garden of small black and white stones, tropical plants, sofas, chairs and the large umbrellas popular in Chiang Mai. Jasmine oil in burners mingles with incense to charm the sense of smell as you walk through the garden to the reception area; relaxing New Age and music evocative of the sounds of nature serves as a soothing appeal to the ears.

Pleasing and relaxing sights, sounds and smells accompany you as you wander through. Browns, blacks and reds, often highlighted with gold leaves, are the spa’s theme colours, their potential starkness offset by sandstone and antique yellow, with soft lighting from floor to ceiling fixtures that ensure a soothing atmosphere. Shapes, symbols and materials, characteristic of the Orient, set in the structures and in the décor, entice you into the Eastern theme of soothing and relaxation.

In addition to the outdoor garden and reception, the spa holds two areas used for a variety of treatments. There’s an herbal steam room and four suites for individuals and couples for oil massages and various other pampering treatments, while another area is set aside for a Traditional Thai Massage and reflexology pavilion.

Therapists at The Sense Spa are trained in the art and science of spa therapies at Phuket Spa Academy, their training complemented at the spa to perform the unique treatments on offer. Herbal steams and milk baths, body scrubs and wraps, facials and six styles of massage mean there is something for everyone. Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil form the base oils used in massages while tropical fruits, herbs, spices and native flora help to relax the senses and promote healing. For example, fresh corn, blended with Thai white mud and oils helps remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin super fresh. Natural honey and yoghurt helps the skin retain moisture, leaving it silky smooth while green tea has anti-inflammatory, healing and slimming properties according to Khun Nipon.

A ‘Real Sense of the Orient’ is evident in the wide assortment of exotic Asian style treatments and packages in the spa’s menu. After a day at nearby Kata Beach, imagine treating yourself to the After Sun package, one of The Sense Spa’s signature treatments. A cooling and soothing body wrap of Aloe Vera and banana leaf, a facial of tropical fruits and a foot bath of exotic tropical flowers help rejuvenate and revitalize your skin after sun exposure.

A warm and relaxing ambience with individualised service and nurturing treatments await you. Indulge yourself and experience a ‘Real Sense of the Orient’.
Herbs, salts & oils for healing therapies & techniques
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