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Phuket spa guide - reviews, massages, therapies & health care products

In-house publications
created by Maureenraymo:

Distinctive Spas / Spas and Health
(web only)
A review-based guide to the best of the area’s superb spas

Shop Window on Lifestyle
(print & web, 12 times per year)
A monthly showcase of lifestyle products in Phuket and beyond

Where to Eat in Phuket
(print & web, 6 times per year)
Phuket’s premiere guide to dining choices on the island

Exclusive Homes
(print & web, 4 times per year)
A unique publication presenting detailed information on the area’s property developments

Map of Phuket
(print & web, 6 times per year)
The first & only detailed and comprehensive map on Phuket's properties, developments & resources.

Southeast Asia Pilot (print & web, every two years)
The definitive sailing guide to Southeast Asia

Contract Publications
by Maureenraymo:

TICA Planning Guide 2000/2001 -
for Thailand Incentives and Conventions Association

Thai Country Cooking -
Cookbook for Laguna Beach Resort, Phuket

Healthy Living (published Nov 2004 for Phuket International Hospital)
The first book of its kind, dealing specifically with health issues as they relate to Phuket

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Shop Window on Lifestyle,
Where to Eat in Phuket,
Exclusive Homes on Phuket, or
Map of Phuket,
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Maureenraymo produces and distributes printed sources of information for visitors to Phuket and surrounding areas.

Our philosophy is to complement the region’s ‘glossy’ magazines by presenting ‘hard’, comprehensive and practical guidance on a single market in an attractive, easy-to-use format. Over 90 percent of the content of each publication is targeted at a single market. Visitors looking for information on a specific subject find it quickly with Maureenraymo.

Since our first publication appeared on Phuket more than seven years ago, this unique approach has been met with an enthusiastic response. All publications created by Maureenraymo have their own web sites. (Not including contract publications.)

Distinctive Spas are at the middle-top end of the tourist market - those who have the disposable income to consider pampering themselves at prices from around 1,000 Baht upwards - as well as other, longer-term visitors and residents.

Maureenraymo’s distribution network is currently encompasses the following:
• Maureenraymo’s Head Office on the upper floor of The Courtyard
• Over 300 independent outlets

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