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An oasis of peace and healing just steps away from busy Patong Beach
and the Andaman Sea, Anda Spa offers the perfect way to spend
the middle of the day, out of the hot sun.


Jet Lag Remedies
2 hr
Jet Lag Retreat
2 hrs
Five Elements Package
Wood - Renewal
3 hrs
Fire - Vitality
Earth - Nourish
Gold - Purification
Water - Relaxation

Tel: 0 7631 7417


What to do with the two or three hours after checking in for your flight? Leave yourself enough time and Zi Spa has the answer. Just five minutes from the airport, Zi Spa will collect you after check-in and take you for your last taste of Thailand – and the perfect preparation for the arduous journey home.

Call Zi Spa in advance and arrange to be picked up from your hotel or from the airport, then relax with a Jet Lag Remedies Package, one of the spa’s signature treatments. They will get you back to the airport, totally relaxed, in time to board your flight.

Tense muscles are relieved to help you avoid painful cramps while airborne, and your skin is stimulated so you start your journey refreshed and revitalized. ‘Jet Lag’ features treatments such as Twin Harmony, a synchronized massage using two therapists who concentrate on your legs and feet, and the Back Release Treatment, a massage for both upper and lower back with a magical blend of Thai herbs. Leave Phuket feeling as smooth as silk!

Just arrived? Unwind with Jet Lag Retreat, which includes a Royal Experience Massage designed to refresh and welcome you to paradise.

Newly-opened Zi Spa is a privately owned Day Spa that brings the comforts of home – Thai style – to discerning visitors and residents of Phuket. Elegance and grace provide an ambience second to none: ornately decorated and furnished treatment rooms in three enclosed
Thai salas surround a swimming pool and reception area. With traditional Thai hospitality, guests are welcomed into this oasis of serenity. The five elements of Water, Fire, Gold, Wood and Earth provide a unique concept, that of the ancient Chinese philosophy and tradition of balancing the inter-dependent and opposing forces of the Yin and the Yang using the five elements of Water, Fire, Gold, Wood and Earth.

The salas are all similar in architecture and design, with each treatment room representing an element through the use of various colours and fragrances emanating from oils. The forces of Water and Fire with their relaxation and vitality themes are situated side-by-side in one sala; Gold, the element that represents purification, is perched on the highest point of the spa; Wood and Earth, which symbolize renewal and nourishing, sit side-by-side in another sala.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art that determines the physical placement of objects to achieve harmony and equilibrium, dictates the arrangement of these salas. Each element is associated with a season or a part of a season. A walk through the five treatment rooms can be seen as a journey through the cycle of nature.

The five elements also lend their names to the speciality packages offered at Zi Spa. For example, “Gold” which represents the autumn season, restores the sense of balance and self-esteem. The Gold package features a sea salt scrub, a royal aromatherapy massage, an aromatic oil wrap and a foot massage to eliminate toxins, relieve tension and purify. Five specially blended oils, which have also been named after the elements, serve to relax and provide harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

With a location close to the airport, Zi Spa is a convenient stop both to rejuvenate after traveling to Phuket and to prepare for the long journey back home.

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